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This month's featured band is Aeromyth.  They are, without a doubt, the best Aerosmith tribute band I've ever seen!!  The singer looks so much like Steven Tyler you'd swear he was his clone... only younger... and a bit hotter too.  :)  I found myself engrossed in the show the same way I would have been at an actual Aerosmith concert.  This guy thinks he's Steven Tyler.  Hell, when he's on stage, he IS Steven Tyler.  He's got the look, the moves, the voice, the band's got the sound... it's a beautiful finished product.  Check them out for yourselves a the link below.  And don't forget, we did a review of this band and you can find that AND the photo album on the review page.

Thanks to you all for a rockin' show.  The best of luck and I know I'll see ya on the flip-side!!!!



Aeromyth Official Site

"Pink, it's my latest obsession..."

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